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Protecting critical asset and life from the harmful effects of high voltages and lightning globally since 1995 is at the heart of our mission.

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After working with GreyMatters you will experience a level of client-focused responsive engagement that puts you front and centre everytime.


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You’re in safe hands – with over 30 years of experience, there isn’t a scenario we haven’t faced or solved. Our team consists of some of the industry's best minds and recognised thought leaders, making GreyMatters an easy choice as your

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GreyMatters has maintained an NPS score of 81 over the past 3 years, reflecting our commitment and more importantly this demonstrates the level of execeptional customer service being experienced by our client-base. Why not give us a try and see for yourself?

What we do

In short, we simplify complex problems and provide elegantly clear solutions for your HV design projects.

Our team at Greymatters consists of highly skilled and educated engineers who take pride in unravelling and implementing technically secure solutions for even the most intricate challenges in the power industry.

Clients value the depth of knowledge our delivery team can bring to each and every project. This means that after almost 30 years of experience, there isn’t a scenario we have faced that we have not been able to solve, making us the trusted partner of choice for companies seeking to tackle the most complex engineering challenges.

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Case Studies

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Project E Solar Farm

Dive into our Case Studies on the Project E Solar Farm come, if you want more details on this contact us now!

Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Dogger Bank Wind Farm, a £2.5 billion offshore renewables project, led by international energy companies, contributes to 87% of the UK’s offshore wind power growth. GreyMatters played a vital role in assessing lightning risk and designing protection systems.

Julius Nyerere Terminal

The Case Study was performed at Julius Nyerere Terminal for the earthing and lightning protection design performed in Tanzania.


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This is a professional role suitable for experienced individuals. We recruit from top talent across various sectors and services.

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This is where we will inspire the next generation of engineers to shape the future with our graduate roles.

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