Unleashing the Power of XGSLab SHIELD: Rolling Sphere Model

Unleashing the Power of XGSLab SHIELD: Rolling Sphere Model

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Are you looking to enhance your skills in lightning protection system design?

In the world of lightning protection system design, having the right tools and knowledge is paramount. The ability to accurately model and analyse lightning protection designs can make all the difference in ensuring the safety and functionality of structures. That’s where XGSLab SHIELD comes in.

In a recent webinar, we took a dive into the ins and outs of creating a Rolling Sphere model using XGSLab SHIELD, providing valuable insights and empowering you to take charge of your own designs.

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XGSLab SHIELD webinar

This user’s guide webinar aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to effectively model your own lightning protection designs.


During this enlightening session, we covered the following key topics:

#1. Preparing a 3D CAD File for Importing into XGSLab SHIELD

  • Understand the importance of preparing a 3D CAD file for lightning protection modelling.
  • Learn best practices for importing CAD files.
  • Explore techniques to ensure accurate representation of structures in the modelling environment.

#2. Utilising XGSLab SHIELD:

  • Familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of XGSLab SHIELD.
  • Gain proficiency in navigating the software interface and setting up your lightning protection model.
  • Learn how to define various parameters, such as materials, grounding systems, and lightning strike locations.

#3. Tips and Tricks for an Enhanced User Experience within XGSLab SHIELD:

  • Discover expert tips for optimizing your workflow and increasing efficiency.
  • Explore advanced functionalities and shortcuts.
  • Learn how to interpret and analyse the simulation results to validate your lightning protection design.


In the realm of lightning protection system design, XGSLab SHIELD stands out as a powerful tool that can revolutionise the way you approach modelling and analysis.

This webinar will provide valuable insights into creating a Rolling Sphere model and harness the full potential of XGSLab SHIELD. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, confidence, and practical tips to take your lightning protection designs to new heights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise and ensure the utmost safety of structures under your care. Register and watch the webinar replay now and unlock the secrets of lightning protection modelling with XGSLab SHIELD!

How to build a lightning protection RSM model in XGSLab SHIELD – webinar replay here!

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