Case Studies

In this section we have provided mini case studies of various GreyMatters projects showing real-life examples of how we were able to solve our client’s needs in order to help them accomplish their earthing goals.

The faculty of Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI), in Bristol, UK

Bristol University LogoThe NSQI has a number of ULTRA LOW NOISE LABS, which operate in the lowest possible ‘noise’ environments, e.g. no physical vibration, no sound vibration, no electromagnetic noise, no electrical noise, no harmonics, no induced noise, no radio (antenna) effects … no noise or interference of any kind! *(‘no’ being the lowest achievable level)

Find out how GreyMatters achieved the task of providing the external clean earthing, power earthing and fully isolatable earthing arrangements ... More

Large Scale 40MW Data Centre - Europe

40MW data-centreGreyMatters was engaged in 2013 with the remit to understand the existing power earthing arrangements and how they may perform in the case of a fault from the two 150kV supply lines feeding a ~40MW data-centre site.

Find out how GreyMatters, using CDEGS Hi-Frequency Software, developed and analysed a model representing all existing and proposed earthing arrangements for the entire data-centre, which included contributions from reinforcement, lightning protection and plant bonding arrangement ... More


Watchkeeper-AberporthMOD Aberporth is military testing range first established in Cardigan Bay during the Second World War.  Today MOD Aberporth provides a large secure safety area for the testing of air launched weapons and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

Due to some very challenging and variable, high resistivity geologies for obtaining operational earths, the objective was to provide a coherent earthing (grounding).  Previous efforts to reach the required impedances had all failed, so a strategy for the UAS sites with a low impedance solution set for each of the locations was developed.  Find out how GreyMatters achieved this ... More

Image Source:  "Watchkeeper, the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developed by Thales for the British Army, has been given a Release To Service by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD)" ... sUAS News

Wind Farm

Wind Farm Base

Find out how this 100+ wind turbine farm was modelled ... More


This is a case study about when GreyMatters was asked to analyse a Rail Track Feeder Station in Europe which had already undergone a preliminary Electrical Earthing Design Study. The principle constructor was concerned that the previous analysis had uncovered some “strange numbers” which were raising more questions than it had answered ... More


GreyMatters Studies

"Working with GreyMatters has totally changed my expectations of a professional engineering consultancy firm … for the better! Technically, they were on the money! More importantly however ... they kept me updated throughout the entire project, which was so refreshing, and therefore quickly put my mind at ease that things were being taken care of." (C. Turgis)
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