Why Us

Why choose GreyMatters as your trusted provider for technically secure designs. 

4 Reasons why GreyMatters is chosen for Technically Secure Designs:

Why Us

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Customer Service Guarantee

There are a number of things we aim to do really well; and are prepared to back this up with a unique guarantee and refund your investment.  No other Earthing Consultancy in the world has the confidence to offer this.

Independent specialist consultant

Never feel like you’re paying for more than you need. Using the latest top 1% software tool by the top 1% minds in the business means you get a technically secure design that is right-sized for the project.
Top 1%

Top 1%

Knowing that proof of competence is a key pre-requisite for the project supply chain, GreyMatters is in the top 1% of Earthing consultancies in Europe to formally be FULLY CDEGS/XGSLab accredited/certified, which means there are no nasty surprises as you’re in safe hands!… With over 25+years of sector experience – there isn’t a scenario we haven’t already come across and solved.


GreyMatters continues to develop unique solution sets to fit any situation you can throw at us … Fanatically passionate about eliminating ALL sources of error throughout the process, GreyMatters in fully invested in using the latest innovations & best of breed equipment and technologies, so you can relax, free from uncertainty (in Earthing terms at least) as the Design is being de-risked.

Redefine Your Projects

Want to have a conversation about making a real impact on your design, Great we can offer you technically secure design just fill out the form and contact us now!

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Incredibly Easy to work with

After working with GreyMatters you will experience a level of client-focused responsive engagement that puts you front and centre everytime.

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Expertise in top 1%

You’re in safe hands – with over 30 years of experience, there isn’t a scenario we haven’t faced or solved. Our team consists of some of the industry's best minds and recognised thought leaders, making GreyMatters an easy choice as your

trusted partner.

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Excellent customer service

GreyMatters has maintained an NPS score of 81 over the past 3 years, reflecting our commitment and more importantly this demonstrates the level of execeptional customer service being experienced by our client-base. Why not give us a try and see for yourself?

GM is incredibly easy to deal with...

  • Frictionless – we are an extension of your org
  • We can do the design for you, we can supply the software for you, we can do the training for you
  • One-stop shop from HV, to civils, to field survey works, to earthing and lightning design
  • Full compliance ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 – so we can jump on your supply chain without much hassle for you
  • Credit card payment clearing
  • Our client charter (link to)

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