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Optimizing HV Earthing for Data Centres in Western Europe


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Project Overview

GreyMatters was engaged to deliver optimized HV earthing systems for five hyper-scale data centres across Western Europe. The aim was to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of these facilities by utilizing advanced electromagnetic software tools to analyze and enhance the earthing systems under varying conditions.



Protecting a data centre facility from the harmful effects of an HV fault is crucial. A poorly designed earthing system can create safety hazards, damage equipment, cause data loss, and lead to compliance issues. Therefore, careful planning and execution of the earthing process are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of a data centre’s electrical systems.

GreyMatters' Role

GreyMatters was tasked with delivering optimized HV earthing systems for five hyper-scale data centres across Western Europe for a major international backbone provider. They analyzed and optimized the earthing systems for the specific conditions and requirements of each data centre location. By simulating the behaviour of the earthing systems under different conditions, such as various soil types and moisture levels, GreyMatters identified potential problems and areas for improvement.

Technical Approach

The use of advanced electromagnetic software tools enabled GreyMatters to ensure the earthing systems were designed and installed to maximize safety, reliability, and efficiency. These tools provided highly accurate simulations of the earthing systems, allowing engineers to design systems tailored to the specific needs of each data centre. By simulating different conditions, the tools helped identify potential problems and optimize the systems for maximum reliability and reduced costs.


GreyMatters successfully optimized the HV earthing systems for the five data centres, ensuring compliance with safety standards and enhancing system reliability. Advanced electromagnetic software tools allowed for precise simulations and adjustments, ultimately reducing costs and increasing the overall efficiency of the earthing systems. This project demonstrates GreyMatters’ expertise in providing reliable and effective earthing solutions for critical data centre infrastructure.

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