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Accurate Soil model

Calculating an accurate Soil Model from soil resistivity tests is the starting point to all Earthing/ground electrode designs.

So, use the proper tool for the job!

GreyMatters does not compromise – we use top 1% proprietary High Signal Strength equipment (400-800V) to help eliminate error – you can be assured that no matter the geology, accuracy is assured.


Survey is a way to bridge the gap of knowing what you don’t know. Getting eyes on the problem and cataloguing defects, system weaknesses and problems by competent field engineer(s) is often the most practical way to identify the detail.

Armed with good intel allows good informed decisions to be made further down the road.

  • Tag and Trace Surveys & Reports
  • Cable Duct and Pit Surveys & Reports
  • Load monitoring & power quality surveys & Reports
  • Asset Condition & Dilapidation Surveys & Reports
  • Cable Containment Capacity Surveys & Reports
  • Non destructive testing
  • Lighting column testing
  • Structural Inspections & Reports
  • Emergency Reactive Structural Inspections
  • Intrusive Structural
  • Soil Resistivity Surveys
  • Lighting level and validation
  • Pull out testing
Soil Resistivity Testing - Surveying.

Condition Assessments and Asset tagging

Have our trained field technicians and engineers diligently identify equipment, defects, non-compliances, items, and systems; we can test and tag them at the same time if they are not already on an asset register – let us do the work so you don’t have to! 

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At GreyMatters, we understand that sometimes you may have specific needs that require additional assistance. That’s why we are pleased to offer a full range of design and field services to cater to your unique requirements.

Whether you need help with a particular task or simply want more personalised support, our team is here to help you every step of the way. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance.

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