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Soil Resistivity Study | Lightning Protection Risk Assessment (LPRA) with Economic Risk Consideration



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Project Overview

Project S proposed a 50MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for a major renewable engineering company. The BESS, connected at 33 kV to the National Grid 400 kV substation in Southeast, required meticulous planning. We are working with one of the UK’s leading High Voltage Specialists, who is working for the Major Renewable Energy Company, and enlisted GreyMatters to conduct essential studies, including soil resistivity, earthing assessments, and a Lightning Protection Risk Assessment (LPRA).


Challenges and Solutions: Navigating Complexity in Installation

Project S presented intricate challenges involving the extensive use of XGSLab and CDEGS earthing software. Incorporating existing National Grid CDEGS models of the 400kV substation added complexity, demanding a patient hand and significant computation time. A non-typical aspect was the availability of detailed financial information from the client, enabling economic risk consideration within the LPRA. The GreyMatters Team successfully navigated this complexity, demonstrating a careful yet conservative estimation and a broad application of sector knowledge.

Conclusion: Fostering Resilient Renewable Energy Solutions

The Project S case exemplifies GreyMatters’ role in advancing safety and reliability in renewable energy infrastructure. By addressing earthing and lightning protection complexities, this collaboration contributes to the realisation of the client’s vision for a sustainable and resilient energy future. The project underscores the significance of expertise and meticulous application of data in ensuring the integrity of large-scale energy projects.

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