Employ a CDEGS Certified User to Avoid Wrong Trousers Mishap

Employ a CDEGS Certified User to Avoid Wrong Trousers Mishap

Wrong Trousers

CDEGS Certified User – The Right Trousers

CDEGS – The Misconception

The term ‘CDEGS’ is loosely banded around a lot in our sector. To deliver safe Electrical Earthing System Design. When carrying out earth potential rise studies.  Therefore, the trouble is there’s a lot of confusion. Also, misinformation surrounding which version of CDEGS should be used. And for what application. As a result, A CDEGS Certified User has no doubt!

Generally, the misconception is that there’s only one CDEGS, wrong!

Wrong Trousers
Avoid Being Caught-out With The Wrong Trousers – Employ a CDEGS Certified User

So, there are a number of versions of CDEGS in the market place. And each with a bewildering number of ‘engineering modules’.  But, we’ve covered the different choices available in a previous post [CDEGS myths busted]. Hence, in this piece, I’d like to share some misconceptions. Also, highlighting what you can do to avoid having the wrong version used on your project.

But why should this matter?

Simple …

Therefore, select the wrong version of CDEGS for your project. And what you ‘thought’ to be a sound / safe design. Completely out of whack.  Therefore, when the wrong version is inadvertently used. It is not unusual to see error rates climb into the many 100’s of per cent. For Earth Potential Rise (EPR). As a consequence, the safety step and touch voltages are thrown into chaos.

Bottom-line, Earthing is a safety-critical part of the overall electrical design… Without understating the obvious. So, get this wrong and people can die!

Protecting Life

The whole reason why GreyMatters exists is to protect life. So making sure you get the correct version. And accurate safety scenario. Deeply matters to us!  However, getting the correct version for your project should be a relatively easy thing to sort out. What is more challenging is ensuring the user(s) have the appropriate level of formal underpinning competency. To ‘drive’ the software itself. – AKA – A CDEGS Certified User

In today’s increasingly litigious world. Get caught driving a car you own. Without a valid driver’s license. Will result in a hefty fine. Also, a possible time spent behind bars.  This analogy broadly applies to Engineering Design. It’s not enough to own a tool. Or a piece of software, or machinery. The user (the driver if you will). Must also be able to demonstrate formally his/her competence before being allowed behind the wheel.

Qualified Drivers = Certified Users

CDEGS is no different in this respect.  Owning a licensed version of CDEGS Software is only half the story… Having a qualified driver or Certifed User to ‘drive’ the software is the other half.  Here are some interesting facts. Which we take from the developers SES:

At the time of writing, there are 814 companies worldwide listed with some form or version of CDEGS. There are only 211 individuals worldwide. 15 in the EU that are CDEGS Certified Users. And formally qualified to ‘drive’ this software.

Out of the CDEGS Certified Users in the UK. GreyMatters accounts for one third. 33% of the total UK CDEGS Certified User head-count.

CDEGS Certified User Stats
CDEGS Certified User Stats
CDEGS Certified User Stats
Image credit: Aardman Animations

Caught with the Wrong Trousers

Similarly, as in the Aardman film featuring Wallace and Gromit ‘The Wrong Trousers’.  Wallace gets himself caught up in some pretty unforeseen scrapes when his robotic trousers are controlled by a penguin called Feathers McGraw.  With this in mind. I felt compelled to write this piece so that YOU aren’t caught with YOUR trousers down so to speak.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.  – Isaac Asimov.

CDEGS Certified User – Check Now!

Have you checked your assumptions recently?  If CDEGS is being used on your Earthing Study or Earth Potential Rise calculations for your earthing design. Then check and confirm the driver is a CDEGS Certified User.

If in doubt, visit the CDEGS certified user pages. Or ask us here at GreyMatters, we’re representing 33% of the UK’s CDEGS Certified User base, competency is assured.

Regular readers of this blog will know GreyMatters have championed CDEGS for many years. But now there is a viable and attractive alternative to CDEGS. I explain “Why I chose this alternative” in this article. And compare several past projects, done with CDEGS and the alternative – in this article.

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