Revolutionary CDEGS Software Shifting the Energy Industry

2010 saw changes to the code of practice for earthing above 1kV for developing energy facilities.  This became enforceable in 2012 across the EU, where the standard explicitly recognises the role that revolutionary CDEGS software now plays in compliant electrical earthing design.

The changes identify that the best practice is to model energy using specialised CDEGS computer software.

With a rise from 11 to 17 in 2012/13 in the number of fatalities in the UK electricity and services sector, regulators deemed that changes were crucial. Although these figures do not clarify how many are due to insufficient earthing, it is accepted in the industry that this has caused deaths in the past.

3D CDEGS Innovation

A solution to comply with these changes and ensure a safer site is CDEGS - Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis. This software creates a 3D model of the area and mathematically simulates the fault energy return current under the ground AND the magnetic/electric fields created … particularly useful when studying over ground systems. Modelling above ground systems using CDEGS Software is an under-utilised benefit of the software, such as for GIS substations, lightning attachment studies and interference. This innovative use of the software could open a door into a whole new field of problem solving for asset owner/managers and scheme project leaders alike.

If you’ve never seen the software in action - CDEGS builds a 3D virtual version of the system under study and the qualified researcher can test various scenarios (faults or attachments) and creates an easy to understand, visual map of the various outcomes.  These maps can be used to assess how the system performs as well as how a human might be affected when interacting with the system (safety assessments).

As a result, managers are empowered with knowledge and awareness of the risks on their site. This invaluable understanding could save companies vast amounts of money and potentially save lives.

CDEGS Voltage Dispersion if a Fault were to occur

This visual map shows the voltage dispersion if a fault were to occur. As distance increases, voltage decreases as illustrated by the colour scheme.

... Or perhaps our Understanding Rise of Earth Potential Video above will explain a little better.

Specialist Skills

Using the CDEGS software is a complex task, one that requires a high level of competence and qualification. GreyMatters is amongst the elite as only one of four companies in Europe to be fully licensed and qualified in the use of this revolutionary CDEGS Software.

Examples of projects that CDEGS has been used on are data-centers, inter-connectors, wind turbines, lightning attachments to rail infrastructure, solar parks, off-shore ships … as well as the usual suspects, e.g. substations and power stations.  Knowing and understanding the dangers of energy is vital; CDEGS Software is essential to ensure that people in proximity to equipment and the facility itself, are safe.

Lack of awareness of these recent codes of practice changes means companies can be carrying significant business risk. Don’t take the risk with your business. GreyMatters will ensure that you remain fully compliant and have a better knowledge of the risks associated with your facility.

Next Steps

To test the current risk of your facility, complete this short, free risk audit. This Risk Audit link will ask you 12 quick questions and provide you with a score determining the risk from your answers.

If you would like to talk to GreyMatters about the risks of your facility or our CDEGS Energy Modelling Software then contact us today.

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Written by: Ian Griffiths, GreyMatters


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