Putting electricity in perspective - a view from an earthing designer

We like to think electricity has been around for years, right? It certainly 'feels' like we should know all there is to know.  But as an earthing designer. The scientific community tells us we humans are not good at time perspective that falls outside our immediate field of vision.  No surprises here.  But, I thought it would be interesting to add a wider time-perspective to electrical energy, which in turn, might explain WHY so few (relatively) know and understand the process of earthing design, and what an Earthing Designer is all about, i.e. what the earthing designer can deliver...

Time - the final frontier

For those Star Trekkers amongst us, you might be thinking Space is the final frontier, but personally, I think time itself will end up being the final frontier to master. Elon Musk has recently put space back on the immediate agenda and his vision of space travel certainly places dreams into the reach of reality.  But time, is probably going to be mastered by some distant future generation of Elon's... waaaay into the future.  That said, imagine for a moment we did have a time machine now. And we could compress time so the Earth formed at midnight today, and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second. So, if human history itself spans 24 hours from one midnight to the next, 14 minutes represents the time since Christ...

This got me thinking. What about electricity? So, in an attempt to take a light-hearted look at time-electricity perspective. I mapped out the history of human time in the video below (with a slightly hammy narrative, I admit!).

A note on dates: When it comes to the far-back past, most of the dates we know are the subject of ongoing debate. For these timelines, it’s cumbersome to put a ~ sign before every ancient date or an asterisk explaining that the date is still being debated, so I just used the most widely accepted dates and left it at that.

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Ian Griffiths SelfieIan Griffiths CEng, MBA, BEng, MIET

This post is written by Ian Griffiths, Principal Engineer at GreyMatters, an Earthing & Lightning Consultant of 27 years, one of the top 1% UKAS accredited CDEGS consultants and professional advisor to international utility companies, data centre and infrastructure developers.



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