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As 2014 passes and we welcome the New Year, it is important to reflect on the distance travelled and the learning along the way. At GreyMatters, using our earthing designs and solutions our 2014 goal was to protect over 100,000 lives but did we manage to achieve this goal?

Major Earthing Projects

To reach this target, we needed to help businesses who not only understand the significance of earthing but could also touch large numbers of people.  Transportation systems such as rail networks, airports and bases were therefore a target to set us on the right track.

Terminal 3 at Julius Nyerere AirportCDEGS software is being used for the earthing and lightning protection studies and design at the new Terminal 3 at Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

With a predicted 1,500 people per hour coming through Terminal 3 of Tanzanian Airport a year, the Lightning and Earthing System design work that we did for them meant we had a solid start for 2014. This impressive project was also featured in the New Civil Engineer magazine as the build showcased our new CDEGS software for energy modelling on a global scale.

Network Rail LogoAnother big success came when we secured a relationship with Network Rail. Preventing direct lightning strikes are a speciality so protecting the railways has been a fascinating task. But most importantly, it meant we smashed our target of 100,000 as the railways are used my millions of people each year!

Even ignoring these two schemes, GreyMatters has been privileged to protect in excess of 108,000 lives during 2014 through its earthing designs.

A Wonderful Year

Exceeding our goal has been fantastic! We have potentially touched a small part of millions of lives as well as improving Earthing Systems worldwide.

With this in mind, the goal for 2015 is set … 250,000 lives – more than double the earthing protection level of last year.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those that have made the 2014 journey possible … from the UK, to Northern Europe, to Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico and finally, to South Africa.  Thank you.

What’s Next

If you would like to talk to use about our earthing services, then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page, or simply use the live chat facility available at the bottom of every page.

Ian Griffiths SelfieIan Griffiths

This post is written by Ian Griffiths, Principal Engineer at GreyMatters, an Earthing Consultant of 26 years, one of the top 1% accredited CDEGS consultants and professional advisor to international utility companies, data-centre and infrastructure developers.


Image Sources

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Featured Image:  "Julius Nyerere International Airport" by Ram Horizonte Betancourt - Flickr: International Airport in Dar es Salaam. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

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"Working with GreyMatters has totally changed my expectations of a professional engineering consultancy firm … for the better! Technically, they were on the money! More importantly however ... they kept me updated throughout the entire project, which was so refreshing, and therefore quickly put my mind at ease that things were being taken care of." (C. Turgis)
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