Stop Feeling Overwhelmed or Out of Your Depth – [New] Online Training for Earthing Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed or out of your depth, well stop. Test drive our new online Training for Earthing courses. And say goodbye to PowerPoint slides forever!

I don’t care how many tips and fixes there are out there on the info-web that claim to make boring training for earthing PowerPoint (PP) slides less boring… THEY ARE STILL BORING!

But here's the good news.

High Voltage Training for Earthing and Lightning

It’s probably unfair to say all PP presentations are boring as it depends more on how the content is brought to life by the presenter, but, while looking around for engaging, informative and entertaining examples of training materials, I quickly found there aren’t any - in High Voltage Earthing and Lightning that is.

So for the past six months, I’ve been beavering away shooting video, animating, editing and generally burning the candle at both ends to fill this void and come up with the first iteration of the online training for earthing course, that isn’t boring! I hope.

I do this in keeping with our whole reason-for-being, i.e. …” Protecting life from the harmful effects of High Voltage and Lightning”; and what better way to reach out to many people than by using education as a means of protection against these harmful effects - after all, said and done, prevention is so much better than cure, right?

“Online training for earthing everything they didn’t teach you at University”

Online Training for Earthing Course Excitement

Project Manager Rejoicing - He found the GreyMatters Academy Online Training for Earthing Course.

Online Specialist Training for Earthing Course

Knowing that these days demonstrating competency is a fundamental requirement and it can be hard to find a provider willing to invest the time (and money) in creating niche training for earthing that has such a specialist following [this is code for, not many people].

Training for earthing includes:

  • Soil Resistivity testing correctly,
  • knowing what the common mistakes are,
  • calculating the Rise of Earth Potential Rise (RoEP),
  • split factors,
  • touch voltages,
  • stress voltages.
  • And conductor ratings for an earthing design, which is a safety-critical element of every HV electrical design.

Not to mention, the earth testing and verification that comes afterwards. Doing this with competence lives are saved!

But we are all only human, right?

We cannot know everything about everything - unless you’re name is Prof. Brian Cox, of course - and last time I checked, there is only one Prof. Brian Cox.

So, it’s ok to feel out of your depth during a project meeting if the topic discussed is something you haven't covered yet. And you have a gap in your underpinning knowledge of electrical earthing or grounding.

Confidence is born from knowledge; knowledge that you can either demonstrate or that you ‘understand’. So forgive me for blatantly pushing this - but I genuinely want to protect as many people as I can from the harmful effects of HV (High Voltage).

So, if you have ever felt slightly overwhelmed or out of your depth when discussing earthing or grounding, then do yourself a favour. Scoot over to the academy. There’s a free trial, so you can dip your tip in without costing you anything. And I would openly appreciate your objective feedback.

Don’t take my word for it - why not scoot along to the GreyMatters Academy and see for yourself. Each course module is CPD ready, available individually. Or, as a group, if you need to make sure all your team reach a certain level of competence.

And there's even a free trial waiting for you.

Training for High Voltage Earthing design is not only scarce-but for those courses that do exist, but it also doesn’t have the best reputation for being exciting, engaging or entertainingly delivered.

Until now that is!

Access the Online Training for Earthing Course trial here.

Ian Griffiths SelfieIan Griffiths CEng, MBA, BEng, MIET

This post is written by Ian Griffiths, Principal Engineer at GreyMatters, an Earthing & Lightning Consultant of 27 years, one of the top 1% UKAS accredited CDEGS consultants and professional advisor to international utility companies, data centre and infrastructure developers.

"Working with GreyMatters has totally changed my expectations of a professional engineering consultancy firm … for the better! Technically, they were on the money! More importantly however ... they kept me updated throughout the entire project, which was so refreshing, and therefore quickly put my mind at ease that things were being taken care of." (C. Turgis)
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