2022 Webinars – The Highlights!

2022 Webinars – The Highlights!

2022 webinar - the highlights

Knowing in today’s world it’s all about time. We’ve summarise hours of technical content into this 20-minute bite-sized session, including the key highlights from the 2022 webinar series. If you missed it, watch the webinar replay here.

In this webinar we cover:

  • How hot sites come about.
  • How to reduce lightning risks associated with floating roof storage tanks.
  • Potential issues when building next to a high-voltage transmission asset.
  • New features available in the latest version of XGSLab 10.2.

This webinar is suitable if you are:

  • Responsible for a design team that delivers Lightning Protection and/or Earthing Designs.
  • Someone who delivers engineering designs.
  • Someone involved in designing Lightning Protection and/or Earthing Designs.

#1. Why am I getting a hot site?

Learn “the what” and how to overcome the inherent difficulties when the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) is higher than expected. You will be able to see why your design is coming out as a hot site and we share some ideas on what you can do about it.

Webiar - Hot Sites

Key points:

  • Hot sites are fundamentally a site where the EPR (Earth Potential Rise) exceeds a target threshold.
  • A risk management tool to enable third parties, particularly BT/Openreach to manage the hazard to their assets.

Watch the full webinar replay here: Why am I getting a hot site?

#2. Myths about bypass conductors busted

ATEX/COMAH sites – a hot topic at the moment!

We look at the risk associated with ATEX/COMAH sites and what the ATEX-approved patented Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA) do to reduce the risk of tank fires by subduing sustained arcs during the lightning event and other electrical phenomena.

Webinar - bypass conductors

Key points:

  • Tank fires in floating roof tanks can be very damaging and costly.
  • Many solutions are not very effective (i.e. shunts, cable bypass conductors).
  • RGAs provide the best possible lightning protection bonding for both internal and external FRTs.

Watch the full webinar replay here: Myths about bypass conductors busted

#3. Understanding the risks of EMFs

Impressed voltages and interference from electromagnetic fields are increasingly becoming a hot topic for safety professionals and engineers alike. Recent regulations (2016) place an obligation on designers and asset owners to understand, quantify and mitigate the invisible health risks on power systems.

If you have an Overhead Line on or near your site and you want to stay on the right side of the law and effectively discharge your duties then an EMF study is a really effective way to identify if a hazard exists or not. We take a slightly deeper dive into modelling EMF using XGSLab.

webinar - EMFs

Key points:

  • Impressed voltages can occur on any location with a significant parallelism with electricity transmission assets.
  • The associated hazards can be very significant, but often the mitigations can be fairly simple.

Watch the full webinar replay here: Understanding the risks of EMFs

XGSLab v10.2 – New Features

  • New XglCAD for vectorial graphic input in BETA version
  • Calculations with a virtually unlimited number of victim or source elements are now possible. The main limit is now given by the hardware capabilities.
  • Scheduling of projects considering the setting of parameters like:
    • Tags to switch-off, frequency, fault location
    • Distribution pictures to be generated
    • Area calculations to be run
    • Line calculations to be run
  • Metal to metal Voltage now available for XGSA_FD using the distribution “Potential Difference”
  • In Soil Resistivity Analyser available also the Geometric average in addition to the arithmetic
  • New standard EN 50522-2022 has been implemented
    • Some changes to touch and step voltage limits
    • Available in some CENELEC countries already, not yet in the UK
    • UK release date to be announced
  • Minor bugs fixed

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