Remote Electrical Earthing System Condition Monitoring

Critical asset protection at your fingertips in real-time

PROBLEMremote electrical earthing system monitoring

Knowing how your critical assets are being protected is a universal challenge. Electrical Earthing Systems are an integral part of equipment protection and safety protection, usually there are 12-60 month intervals between tests, and this is the only time you absolutely know they are healthy, compliant and functioning i.e. the date they were tested.

Understanding the continuous status at any given time is an important obligation for asset owners - ISO 55001. Will Thomas, AMX

The problem is, once the Electrical Earthing System Design is installed the story does not stop there! System maintenance checks, tests and inspections are required in order to maintain compliance. This means organising staff or outside resources to physically test the installed system periodically. This can present a number of unintentional risk(s):inSITE remote electrical earthing system monitoring

  • Digger-risk: Unintentional damage caused by excavation activity
  • Security: Non security-cleared personnel on a secure site
  • Logistical: Geographically remote sites can lead to increased cost
  • Safety: Testing on dangerous/hazardous sites increases business risk


inSITE is a mobile GSM connected fully automated - remote electrical earthing system condition monitoring device that discretely continuously tests the health of the installed Electrical Earthing Systems, so that real-time data and alerts can be streamed to your fingertips wherever you are in the world.

Take control and know how your Electrical Earthing System is performing from the convenience of a web-based portal 24/7. In a recent case study, savings in excess of £3 million were identified. Protect your Electrical Earthing hardware installation(s) from as little as £4,997.

inSITE will even alert you immediately when the Electrical Earthing System is being tampered with to help prevent theft and/or damage from excavation.

  • No more processing of permits, onerous security clearances, or escortingRemote Electrical Earthing System condition Monitoring
  • Always ‘safe’ method of testing the condition of your earthing system
  • Eliminate the need to take systems ‘off-line’ during tests and makes testing of ‘remote’ sites more economically viable
  • Make geographically remoteness a problem of the past
  • 100% uptime for critical operations – no need to isolate
  • Helps achieve ISO 55001 - Asset Management System


All inSITE Electrical Earthing System Condition Monitoring systems are designed to make site implementation as straight forward as possible. Installation does not disrupt service. The design of the enclosures ensures ease of on-site wiring and testing.

Remote Electrical Earthing System Condition MonitoringDeployment of sense wires on the monitored infrastructure usually comprises an attachment to a ground bus bar near the unit installation, and a second at a far point on the monitored infrastructure (zone). Changes within the monitored zone result in an alarm state. The inSITE management interface enables the sensitivity of detection to be set to a suitable level for the site in question. Filtering can also be adjusted to a custom setting for more complex sites such as large substations.

Local alarm output: unpowered make/break pair for connection to SCADA/comms device.

GreyMatter’s managed service provides secure access to all of the functionality of the inSITE devices over wireless networks. Alerts can be managed quickly and effectively using a traffic light system.

  • Wireless Device Management: management of the inSITE units over any network via a secure IPSEC VPN.
  • Graphical User Interface: map views and lists with easy to use tiles showing all alerts, enabling a rapid response to any situation. Accessed via secure IPSEC VPN.
  • Alert Management inSITE: tamper, power, battery and communications alerts with context sensitive menus.
  • Asset Tracking: database of every inSITE unit and module, with site ID if deployed.
  • Installation and configuration: support for installation engineers with access to configuration window for each device and best practice Wiki. NOTE: all engineers must be accredited/approved.
  • Maintenance Management: maintenance status with alarm suppression.
  • Application Integration: Integration capabilities for data and management functions via REST APIs.
  • IEC BS EN 50522
  • BS 7430
  • BS EN 62305

inSITE Remote electrical earthing system monitoring Brochure


"Working with GreyMatters has totally changed my expectations of a professional engineering consultancy firm … for the better! Technically, they were on the money! More importantly however ... they kept me updated throughout the entire project, which was so refreshing, and therefore quickly put my mind at ease that things were being taken care of." (C. Turgis)
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