Soil Resistivity Testing Method -The Schlumberger Array

Schlumberger Array

The Schlumberger array is a geotechnical investigation method which determines the electrical resistivity of the soil. This is similar to the Wenner probe test, but it uses multiple current electrodes rather than just two. This allows for a more detailed and accurate measurement of soil resistivity. Soil resistivity testing carried out using different methods, this […]

Soil Resistivity Testing Method – Driven Rod

Driven Rod Method

Soil Resistivity Testing Method – Driven Rod The driven rod test is a geotechnical investigation method which determines the resistance of soil to the penetration of a rod or other penetrometer. The Soil resistivity is determined using different Soil Resistivity Testing methods. However the Driven Rod, described below is the last of the three most […]

What Exactly is a Soil Resistivity Desktop Study?

Desktop Study Geology

Before installing an electrical earthing system design, there are a couple of other essential tasks to tackle. One of these tasks is the ‘Soil Resistivity Desktop Study.’ This study illustrated in the Soil Resistivity Table below. Historically installation companies may have offered to drive a single earth rod into the ground and take a range […]

Wet Soil Resistivity Testing: Ninja Tricks to Spot the Enemy

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil Resistivity Testing in the wet particularly saturated ground. Has the potential for many problems. Here are some ninja tricks to help you spot the enemy lurking in the damp… Soil Resistivity Testing is the absolute starting point for pretty much everything to do with design for Earthing, grounding and lightning protection. (click link to […]

Importance of Soil Resistivity Testing for Electrical Earthing Design

What is Soil Resistivity Testing

What is Soil Resistivity? Soil resistivity is a measure of how much the soil resists the flow of electricity. Soil Resistivity Testing is determining that measure. Therefore, is a critical factor in the design of systems that rely on passing current through the Earth’s surface. An understanding of the soil resistivity and how it varies […]

Soil Resistivity Testing Erratic Readings

Soil Resitivity Testing Erratic Readings due to Background Noise

This is a series of short posts on Soil Resistivity Testing. And the common mistakes encountered, with practical advice on how to avoid common mistakes. Part 10 –  Soil Resistivity Testing Erratic Readings. So, when carrying out soil resistivity testing. Erratic readings can occur due to poor connections. Also, through high contact resistance. And background […]