How to use Google Earth integration in your earthing designs

Google earth integration

Understanding someone else’s Earthing Design can be challenging enough for most. Unsurprisingly, it can be a big ask for non-experts to understand how your design will work if the only means of communicating your strategy is with a written report. Learn how to improve your communication with a much more comprehensive range of clients using […]

Unlocking the Power of CDEGS: Beyond Earthing Studies

Earthingg Studies done, but what else?

We’ve written previously about why we use CDEGS HIFREQ and (X)GSA_FD for earthing studies. Also, the reasons to invest in the top 1% of tools, knowledge and consultants. But once you’ve invested in building the model to understand what earthing is required, what are the other things you can do with this model. Additionally, answer […]

Comparison between XGSLab and CDEGS

Earth testing

In this blog, I’m going under to hood, so to speak. Comparing CDEGS with XGSLab to show you some real-world examples where CDEGS and XGSLab give almost identical results. Therefore, in all of these examples, we have completed and verified the earthing design for these sites and found good agreement between the modelled results and […]