Soil Resistivity Testing Method – The Wenner 4 Probe Test

Soil Resistivity Testing Methods Wenner 4 Probe Test

Soil Resistivity Testing Methods a popular post. Originally published in 2013 and now updated. A Wenner probe test is a geotechnical investigation method used to determine the electrical resistivity of the soil. Soil resistivity testing can be carried out using different methods. The Wenner 4 Probe test is one of the most common soil resistivity […]

Importance of Soil Resistivity Testing for Electrical Earthing Design

What is Soil Resistivity Testing

What is Soil Resistivity? Soil resistivity is a measure of how much the soil resists the flow of electricity. Soil Resistivity Testing is determining that measure. Therefore, is a critical factor in the design of systems that rely on passing current through the Earth’s surface. An understanding of the soil resistivity and how it varies […]