Rise of Earth Potential (RoEP) Know the Risks

Rise of Earth Potential Risk Site - Sub Station

Awareness of step and touch potential, caused by a rise of earth potential. Is essential for anyone working on high-voltage power transmission and distribution systems above 1 kV. A rise of earth potential A rise of earth potential is caused by electrical faults that occur at electrical substations. Power plants, or high-voltage transmission lines. Therefore, short-circuit […]

Reducing the Risk of Step and Touch Potential

touch potential voltage

Awareness of step potential and touch potential risks, caused by an earth potential rise. Is vital for anyone working on high-voltage power transmission. Also, distribution systems above 1 kV. Earth Potential Rise Earth potential rise (EPR) is caused by an imbalance of electrical charges between the earth and an electrical system, it can occur at: […]

5 Reasons Why Hot-Sites Aren’t Dangerous: Myth Busted

hot site

What is ‘HOT-ZONE’ or ‘Hot-Site’? There are so many misconceptions surrounding the whole concept of a‘Hot-Site’ and ‘Hot-Zoning’ for Electrical Earthing Designs.  In this article, I attempt to simplify what ‘Hot Zone’ (or Hot Site) means in Power System terms AND crucially, explain what a ‘Hot Zone’ is not. By the end of this article, […]

5 FAQ’s about Earthing Fault Theory

Earthing Fault Theory Thumb

We have created a video to help you understand what we do and how the earthing fault theory works. The video will give you a clear idea of our services and the benefits of earthing. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on Earth Fault to help you better understand […]