Lightning Risk – Looking ahead at future trend

EX zone protection

Lightning Risk. In a world increasingly driven by quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) techniques. It’s important to understand what the predicted impacts are as a result of our current trajectory (as humans). For Example the direction of travel that the population of planet earth seems to be following – in terms of climate change: Increasing Lightning […]

ISO 55000 – 5 Things you need to know now

ISO 55000 GreyMatters

It’s difficult to get excited about any of the ISO standards but knowing these are hardly the most exciting of reads, imagine the delight when asked by a client “what do you know about ISO 55000?”

Fear of Lightning Frequency Increase

Lightning Frequency Increase

Very few consider that they or their assets will be struck by lightning. People relegate the threat of lightning to chance and are confident it will not affect them. This is a mentality that may come back to haunt them if new scientific research is correct.