Effective Earthing Wind Turbine Generators – The Dichotomy

Effective earthing Wind Turbine Generator

The Dichotomy… The wind turbine earthing system design calls for the Effective Earthing of Wind Turbine Generators, there begins the dichotomy… Wind turbines generators, WTGs, often installed in electrically ‘difficult’ areas. Also, selecting the locations primarily for their airflows. Therefore, the location may appear good from a civils or planning perspective. However, very often quite remote […]

Innovative Electrical Earthing Design Saves £Thousands on Small PV Project

Electrical Earthing Design in Renewable Solar Energy

In situations where networks are fairly simple and fault levels are low.  For example in most embedded utility scale Solar (PV). Earthing/grounding can have a significant impact on the cost to build (and connect) a successful renewable generation scheme.  A key part of the build cost is down to the raw materials, of which a […]

Solar Energy – Saving our Planet

Solar energy could solve our need for power. With time running out to come up with a solution, Desertec Foundation have unveiled their plans to develop sustainable energy sources – primarily through solar plants in the desert.