Is prevention better than cure? | Lightning Strike Prevention

Lightning Strike Prevention

The most exciting concept to come out of the Lightning Protection sector for centuries is the idea of ‘Lightning Strike Prevention’. Now, preventing lightning itself is outside the scope of any working installation today.  And maybe something for the scientific communities to think over. However, preventing an STRIKE-attachment to a structure IS something that is here and now!

Lightning Protection for the Petrochemical Sector

Storage Tank Fire

Why do petrochemical plants need lightning protection And How does it Differ. Well, the economics of the petrochemical industry dictates that the processing of petroleum products reside in very large plants. Also, many of which in situ, in parts of the world where thunderstorms frequently occur. Therefore, a number of reasons why lightning is a […]

Lightning – the Good, the Bad and the Deadly

Beach Hut Lightning Strike

Lightning … incredible to view, frustrating to be affected by and fatal in proximity … As the UK has basked in glorious summer weather, in recent weeks it has also been victim to brutal thunderstorms. Three different scenarios highlight the beauty, strength and danger of lightning.