Lightning design for buried cables – really?

HV Interference Studies

Continuing the theme for lightning design. I was having a technical discussion with a delegate, during a seminar in Germany. The question popped up regarding Lightning design on an AD plant (AD = anaerobic digestion). This site, with long-buried cable-runs, between plant areas. The delegates question, “What about the buried cables?” What do we do about […]

BIM Earthing Design – What Does the Future Hold?

BIM Earthing Design - 6th Dimenion

In a previous post, we introduced BIM earthing to Electrical Earthing Design and cleared up a few misconceptions. In this post, I’m going to suggest where I believe BIM might be going. Where is BIM Earthing Design heading for Lightning & Earthing? Currently, most projects operate at BIM level 2. Where each trade has its […]