An EFW Plant Case Study: Examining Low and High Voltage Earthing Protection

High Voltage Earthing Protection – A Case Study at an EFW Plant

In the context of electrical earthing or grounding. Earthing Protection defined as the Protective Earthing of electrical installations at low voltage, i.e. <1,000V AC as described in Electrical Earthing Standards BS 7430. So, in this case, study. We take a look at a few challenges we came across while designing the HV Earthing and Lightning […]

How to Size High Voltage Earthing HV Conductors Correctly

high voltage earthing

The correct sizing of high voltage earthing (grounding) conductors is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of any electrical system. The size of the grounding conductor should be determined based on the maximum fault current that the system is likely to experience. As well as the voltage level and the type of earthing system […]

Your Standard Earthing Design – Are They Valid Anymore?

Standard Earthing Design

A number of organisations across the UK recommend a standard earthing design when building smaller scale substations. The key driver behind these is one of cost. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to. For an HV connection using a templated approach to meet Earthing Standards compliance kind of makes sense – or does it? […]