Electrical Earthing Testing in Urban Environments

Electrical Earthing Testing in Urban Environments

Electrical earthing testing.  We are asked frequently – How do you test an Earth arrangement in London? What is Electrical Earthing Testing? Electrical earthing, or grounding, refers to the practice of intentionally connecting a conductor to the ground for safety and functional purposes. Electrical earthing testing is the process of testing the effectiveness of the […]

Designing SAFE Electrical Earthing: Answering Impossible Questions

Safe Electrical Earthing Systems

Computer modelling for safe electrical earthing systems for Fault, EMI or Lightning Attachments The use of computing power to check, evaluate or inspect concepts in all walks of life and business, is increasingly common. Whether you forecast the performance of stock and shares or building an Electrical Generation Plant. For safe electrical earthing systems using engineering computer […]

When Electrical Earthing Science Actually Works

GM Earthing Science Mad Professor

Electrical Earthing Science… On a recent generation project, there was a need to connect a partially completed system to the network as part of a staged commissioning. This meant that the full electrical earthing system had not been fully installed.