Earth Testing Procedures in Urban Environments

Electrical earth testing can be a real challenge in built-up areas. Not only are there very few soft areas to deploy the test probes, but underground cabling and conductive structures are everywhere. These two factors massively affect the measured readings leading to measured values that bear no relation to the actual electrode tested.  Therefore, what […]

Earthing Calculations for Safe System Design

Earthing calculations

Earthing Calculations regarding your safety – you’re overdue an update! If 1-ohm is still in circulation on your documentation then this section applies to you. Even though the Earthing Calculations for determining a safe System Earth (Ground) has shifted away from an arbitrary resistance figure, usually <1 ohm.  It’s still all too common to see […]

50 Shades Freed – Unleashing CDEGS!

CDEGS earthing plot

During my previous blog, where we explored the analogy of the car when comparing to Earthing Studies using CDEGS – if your project is a high value, critical asset, and/or infrastructure effecting large populations – then this is likely to require a more demanding level of performance in the foundational design data.

50 Shades Darker – CDEGS Myths Busted!


CDEGS Modelling Software demystified! It’s interesting how the psychology of the car has found a place in our daily lives.  How many times have you asked or been asked ‘what car do you drive?’

50 Shades of GreyMatters


Recently, I received a call from a client in the Nordic region to review an earthing system problem – the client explained they had “… unexplainable noise on their clean earth” and could we help solve it?