Earthing System Design Procedure A Probabilistic Approach

Earthing System Design A Probabilistic Approach

What are the procedures for creating an HV Earthing System Design? Also, how might these differ from an LV Earth design? Firstly, although the principles underpinning HV and LV earthing are similar, the approaches are very different. Probabilistic Approach The first huge difference is the recognition that HV electrical earthing design is probabilistic in nature. […]

Earthing Calculations for Safe System Design

Earthing calculations

Earthing Calculations regarding your safety – you’re overdue an update! If 1-ohm is still in circulation on your documentation then this section applies to you. Even though the Earthing Calculations for determining a safe System Earth (Ground) has shifted away from an arbitrary resistance figure, usually <1 ohm.  It’s still all too common to see […]

Electrical Earthing System Design Separation

Soil Resistivity Separation of Earths in Earthing Grounding Design

During a recent training event held by SES Technologies for CDEGS (Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis). A finite element analysis software suite for Electrical Earthing System Design, a number of issues were discussed. But one that crops up time and time again in the UK was that old chestnut in Electrical Earthing […]

ISO 55000 – 5 Things you need to know now

ISO 55000 GreyMatters

It’s difficult to get excited about any of the ISO standards but knowing these are hardly the most exciting of reads, imagine the delight when asked by a client “what do you know about ISO 55000?”