Earthing System Design Procedure A Probabilistic Approach

Earthing System Design A Probabilistic Approach

What are the procedures for creating an HV Earthing System Design? Also, how might these differ from an LV Earth design? Firstly, although the principles underpinning HV and LV earthing are similar, the approaches are very different. Probabilistic Approach The first huge difference is the recognition that HV electrical earthing design is probabilistic in nature. […]

What is an Earthing System – A Definitive Guide to Earthing, Grounding Systems

Earthing System

In Electrical Engineering terms, earth or, grounding system is the point of reference in an electrical circuit from which the voltages are estimated. The earthing system or to our friends over the pond; grounding system also has the function of providing a common return path for electric current through a physical connection to the geology. […]

Floating Roof Tank Earthing Strategies – Bypass conductors for lightning

Floating Roof Tank Fire

Floating Roof Tank Fires are Common There are some 15 to 20 known Floating Roof Tank (FRT) fires per year. Floating Roof Tanks are especially vulnerable to the direct and indirect effects of lightning. Direct, or a nearby lightning strike can cause electrical current to flow across the tank shell and roof. When these lightning […]

Your Standard Earthing Design – Are They Valid Anymore?

Standard Earthing Design

A number of organisations across the UK recommend a standard earthing design when building smaller scale substations. The key driver behind these is one of cost. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to. For an HV connection using a templated approach to meet Earthing Standards compliance kind of makes sense – or does it? […]

Employ a CDEGS Certified User to Avoid Wrong Trousers Mishap

Wrong Trousers

CDEGS Certified User – The Right Trousers CDEGS – The Misconception The term ‘CDEGS’ is loosely banded around a lot in our sector. To deliver safe Electrical Earthing System Design. When carrying out earth potential rise studies.  Therefore, the trouble is there’s a lot of confusion. Also, misinformation surrounding which version of CDEGS should be used. […]

50 Shades Freed – Unleashing CDEGS!

CDEGS earthing plot

During my previous blog, where we explored the analogy of the car when comparing to Earthing Studies using CDEGS – if your project is a high value, critical asset, and/or infrastructure effecting large populations – then this is likely to require a more demanding level of performance in the foundational design data.