Earthing System Design Procedure A Probabilistic Approach

Earthing System Design A Probabilistic Approach

What are the procedures for creating an HV Earthing System Design? Also, how might these differ from an LV Earth design? Firstly, although the principles underpinning HV and LV earthing are similar, the approaches are very different. Probabilistic Approach The first huge difference is the recognition that HV electrical earthing design is probabilistic in nature. […]

Are you getting tired of people stealing your lovely earthing arrangements

XGSLabs Computer Gm

Good news – having just finished a project to pin lovely shiny copper conductors to their supporting structures protecting their Earthing Arrangements. We’ve ended up with quite a few surpluses of the Fischer FNAII stainless pins (we call them Titan pins – part no. 044112) leftover – 3,400 to be exact! These bad boys are […]

How do I know my 1950’s earthing arrangements are still keeping my workforce safe?

Are Vintage Earthing Arrangements Safe?

I thought I’d continue from my last blog piece talking about heavy current injection earth testing. By talking about a key application where it can potentially deliver much better results than the modern CDEGS approach. Therefore, on your earthing arrangements. Many industrial sites built in the 1950s and 60s as industrialisation grew. This, in line […]