Comparison between XGSLab and CDEGS

Comparing CDEGS with XGSLab

In this blog, I’m going under to hood, so to speak. Comparing CDEGS with XGSLab to show you some real-world examples where CDEGS and XGSLab give almost identical results. Therefore, in all of these examples, we have completed and verified the earthing design for these sites and found good agreement between the modelled results and […]

Earthing Calculations for Safe System Design

Earthing calculations

Earthing Calculations regarding your safety – you’re overdue an update! If 1-ohm is still in circulation on your documentation then this section applies to you. Even though the Earthing Calculations for determining a safe System Earth (Ground) has shifted away from an arbitrary resistance figure, usually <1 ohm.  It’s still all too common to see […]

What Exactly is a Soil Resistivity Desktop Study?

Desktop Study Geology

Before installing an electrical earthing system design, there are a couple of other essential tasks to tackle. One of these tasks is the ‘Soil Resistivity Desktop Study.’ This study illustrated in the Soil Resistivity Table below. Historically installation companies may have offered to drive a single earth rod into the ground and take a range […]

Understanding Electromagnetic Inference using Finite Element Analysis

EMI using Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a numerical method for solving problems in engineering and applied sciences. It is used to analyze and predict the behavior of complex systems. Such as structures, machines, and electronic devices, under a wide range of conditions (i.e. forces, energies, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects). Finite element analysis […]

What is The Importance of Earthing in Electrical Installation?

importance of earthing in electrical installation

What is the importance of earthing in the electrical installation? Here’s a very personal story explaining not only “What” BUT… …Why Earthing is Important to me. 1. Back Story How many times are you asked ”What do you do for a living?”. For most of us, it’s quite an easy response “I do this… or […]

Wet Soil Resistivity Testing: Ninja Tricks to Spot the Enemy

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil Resistivity Testing in the wet particularly saturated ground. Has the potential for many problems. Here are some ninja tricks to help you spot the enemy lurking in the damp… Soil Resistivity Testing is the absolute starting point for pretty much everything to do with design for Earthing, grounding and lightning protection. (click link to […]