Earthing System Design Procedure A Probabilistic Approach

Earthing System Design A Probabilistic Approach

What are the procedures for creating an HV Earthing System Design? Also, how might these differ from an LV Earth design? Firstly, although the principles underpinning HV and LV earthing are similar, the approaches are very different. Probabilistic Approach The first huge difference is the recognition that HV electrical earthing design is probabilistic in nature. […]

Why Greymatters Consultants Use CDGEGS HIFREQ Earth Modelling Software

Soil Resistivity Testing

Clients often ask us why we use CDEGS HIFREQ instead of XGSLab or, any of the other packages available in the market. And our usual response is simply. “It’s the market leading product (Top 1%)”. So, I thought it might be useful to quantify exactly why it is the leading product and also why it […]