BIM Earthing Demystified… Cutting through the endless jargon

BIM earthing? If like me, you’re a little confused about what BIM REALLY means. This article is for you. It covers some of the misconceptions and demystifies a few uncertainties – without the Governmental jargon! Let’s start with the basics… BIM Earthing Demystified…

What is Standard BS7430

Ian on-site working to Earthing Standard bs7430

BS7430 2015 is the latest amendment to the code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations. BS7430 Overview This standard is an amendment to BS7430 2011 the code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations. It provides recommendations and guidance on meeting the requirements for earthing land-based electrical installations in and around buildings […]

Understanding Soil Resistivity & Soil Resistivity Testing Methods

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Understanding Soil Resistivity is critical to Electrical Earthing System Design. Soil Resistivity Soil resistivity is a measure of how much the soil resists the flow of electricity. So an understanding of the soil resistivity and how it varies with depth in the soil is necessary to design the grounding – earthing system in an electrical […]

Effective Earthing Wind Turbine Generators – The Dichotomy

Effective earthing Wind Turbine Generator

The Dichotomy… The wind turbine earthing system design calls for the Effective Earthing of Wind Turbine Generators, there begins the dichotomy… Wind turbines generators, WTGs, often installed in electrically ‘difficult’ areas. Also, selecting the locations primarily for their airflows. Therefore, the location may appear good from a civils or planning perspective. However, very often quite remote […]

What Exactly is a Soil Resistivity Desktop Study?

Desktop Study Geology

Before installing an electrical earthing system design, there are a couple of other essential tasks to tackle. One of these tasks is the ‘Soil Resistivity Desktop Study.’ This study illustrated in the Soil Resistivity Table below. Historically installation companies may have offered to drive a single earth rod into the ground and take a range […]