Soil Resistivity Testing Method – The Wenner 4 Probe Test

Soil Resistivity Testing Methods Wenner 4 Probe Test

Soil Resistivity Testing Methods a popular post. Originally published in 2013 and now updated. A Wenner probe test is a geotechnical investigation method used to determine the electrical resistivity of the soil. Soil resistivity testing can be carried out using different methods. The Wenner 4 Probe test is one of the most common soil resistivity […]

Soil Resistivity Testing Method -The Schlumberger Array

Schlumberger Array

The Schlumberger array is a geotechnical investigation method which determines the electrical resistivity of the soil. This is similar to the Wenner probe test, but it uses multiple current electrodes rather than just two. This allows for a more detailed and accurate measurement of soil resistivity. Soil resistivity testing carried out using different methods, this […]

Soil Resistivity Testing Method – Driven Rod

Driven Rod Method

The driven rod test is a geotechnical investigation method which determines the resistance of soil to the penetration of a rod or other penetrometer.  The Soil resistivity is determined using different Soil Resistivity Testing methods. However the Driven Rod, described below is the last of the three most popular Soil Resistivity Testing methods we use […]

An EFW Plant Case Study: Examining Low and High Voltage Earthing Protection

High Voltage Earthing Protection – A Case Study at an EFW Plant

In the context of electrical earthing or grounding. Earthing Protection defined as the Protective Earthing of electrical installations at low voltage, i.e. <1,000V AC as described in Electrical Earthing Standards BS 7430. So, in this case, study. We take a look at a few challenges we came across while designing the HV Earthing and Lightning […]

Earthing Calculations for Safe System Design

Earthing calculations

Earthing Calculations regarding your safety – you’re overdue an update! If 1-ohm is still in circulation on your documentation then this section applies to you. Even though the Earthing Calculations for determining a safe System Earth (Ground) has shifted away from an arbitrary resistance figure, usually <1 ohm.  It’s still all too common to see […]

BIM Earthing Design – What Does the Future Hold?

BIM Earthing Design - 6th Dimenion

In a previous post, we introduced BIM earthing to Electrical Earthing Design and cleared up a few misconceptions. In this post, I’m going to suggest where I believe BIM might be going. Where is BIM Earthing Design heading for Lightning & Earthing? Currently, most projects operate at BIM level 2. Where each trade has its […]