We are Attending

IDC Conference

We are attending the IDC

So we are heading to the IDC Conference 2024 as a silver sponsor, where our Design manager, Hugh, will be speaking, and it will be day 1 of the conference at 1:45 pm. Don’t miss out you are able to book your tickets here: 

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What will the Presentation be on?

Managing Complex Earthing Systems for Large Scale Solar Farms

With recent changes in the renewables landscape, ground-mount solar projects are only getting bigger. Having recently delivered the earthing and lightning protection design for one of the largest solar and BESS projects in the UK, at over 400 MW, we will share some learning points and approaches for the whole start-to-finish process to ensure the most rigorous design. The primary challenge is managing the physically large scale of the site and how to manage the size of the model, balancing accuracy with computation time. 

The design needs to address the hazard from impressed voltage due to overhead lines and avoid impacts on third-party properties nearby. We will also look at the lightning protection challenges associated with such large sites whereas the standard IEC 62305 approach doesn’t fully capture the nuances of this type of site

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