Lightning Strike Prevention

A Total Lightning Prevention Solution

The Dissipation Array™ System (DAS™) prevents direct lightning strikes by reducing DASthe electric field to below lightning-collection levels, within the protected area. As a result, DAS helps to prevent downtime and loss of assets, while increasing personnel safety.

DAS prevents direct lightning strikes within a designated area of protection and LEC’s “No-Strike” warranty ensures complete protection on all GreyMatters installations.

Engineered to integrate with any building, rig, tower, tank, stack or other structure, DAS technology has been in use since 1971.

With over 3,000 systems installed worldwide, accruing over 50,000 system-years, DAS maintains a success rate over 99% and continues to protect thousands if sites without incident.

How does it work?

DAS prevents direct lightning strikes by reducing the electric field to below lightning-collection levels, within the protected area. As a result, DAS helps to prevent downtime and loss of assets, while increasing personnel safety.

DAS interrupts the formation of these upward streamers through point discharge, a phenomenon where a well-grounded point exchanges ions between the air and the ground.

Point discharge becomes more efficient when the points are connected to a low-impedance grounding system and more ions can be transferred with a greater number of points.

DAS technology takes advantage of these principles with an optimal point configuration able to interrupt the formation of upward streamers, thereby preventing
direct strikes.

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  • Total Lightning Prevention:  The Dissipation Array System prevents direct lightning strikes within the area of protection.
  • Reduces Operating Costs:  Protects against lightning damage, including fires, destroyed electronics, and downtime.
  • Reliable:  Our “No-Strike” warranty ensures complete protection on all GM installations.
  • Universal:  Engineered to integrate with any building, tower, tank, stack or other structure.
  • Proven:  DAS technology has been in use since 1971, protecting thousands of sites worldwide.
  • No-Strike Warranty:  LEC Extends a “Warranty” subject to “terms and conditions” and subject to inspection and maintenance.

Lightning Protection Components

The Dissipation Array System is a key component of your lightning protection system, working with grounding and surge suppression to achieve complete protection.

A typical system includes:

  1. The Dissipation Array, available in a range of configurations for almost any structure.
  2. A low-impedance grounding system using chemically-charged electrodes (Chem-Rod™).
  3. Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) to protect against transients traveling through data lines and other conductive paths.
  4. Modular strike prevention devices (SBI™) to supplement the Dissipation Array’s area of protection as needed.

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DAS systems

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