Electrical Earthing Solutions

Electrical Earthing Solutions and Grounding for difficult situations

During our 20 plus years as Electrical Earthing Design Uk Consultants, we have come across a fair share of problematic scenarios, geologies and frustrations... and we've solved them.  Here are a handful of the really useful new electrical earthing solutions we've come across during our journey so you don't have to waste your time re-inventing the wheel.

Electrical Earthing Solutions - Anti-Theft

Anti-Theft Security Guarding

Used in conjunction with the stainless conductor fixing pins, these anti-theft coverings offer the ultimate in anti-theft measures for surface mounted conductor runs.

Straight sections come in 3m lengths at 2 width sizes.

Conductor size range: <38mm wide or 40-50mm wide ... More

Electrical Earthing Solutions - Chem-Rod

Chem-rod™ Earth Electrodes

Low-Impedance Earthing (Grounding) for problem soils.

When facing a problem geology, we have something that we feel will make your life easier when designing and dealing with HV/LV electrical earthing system compliance.

When installed the Chem-rod™ saturates the interfacing cylinder with naturally occurring electrolytes to solve even the most challenging of sites ... More

Electrical Earthing Solutions - Dissipation Array® SystemDissipation Array® System (DAS®)

A Total Lightning Prevention Solution

The Dissipation Array™ System (DAS™) prevents direct lightning strikes by reducing the electric field to below lightning-collection levels, within the protected area. As a result, DAS helps to prevent downtime and loss of assets, while increasing personnel safety ... More

IElectrical Earthing Solutions - n-Tank Potential EqualizerIn-Tank Potential Equalizer™(IPE™)

Storage Tank Arc Discharge Mitigation

The In-Tank Potential Equalizer™(IPE™) is made specifically for non-metal and lined tanks. When the IPE is inserted into a tank and externally grounded, it will discharge any static electricity within the tank’s contents and also keep the potential of the tank’s contents equal to ground potential ... More

Electrical Earthing Solutions - Retractable Grounding AssemblyRetractable Grounding Assembly™ (RGA™)

Comprehensive Lightning Strike Protection for Floating Roof Tanks

The ATEX approved patented Retractable Grounding Assembly™ (RGA™) substantially reduces the risk of tank fires by subduing sustained arcs during lightning events and other electrical phenomena ... More

Electrical Earthing Solutions - TITAN II Nail Anchor PinsTitan II Nail Anchor Pins

The Hammerset Nail Anchor for Multiple Fixings

Versions: zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, Highly Corrosion-Resistant

Approved for: Concrete C12/15 to C50/60, cracked, for multiple fixings of non-structural applications

Titan II Nail Anchor Pins  are also suitable for: Solid sand-lime brick, Natural stone with dense structure, Pre-stressed hollow-core concrete slabs ... More

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