Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Introduction: What is Wind Energy?

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is a wind farm for offshore renewables in the UK. The project was led by a consortium of international energy companies and was built near the south and east coastlines of England.
Dogger Bank has contributed to 87% of the country’s offshore wind power generation capacity increase over 2016 (to 25GW).
The £1 billion Dogger Bank development could help the country go green in relying on renewable energy. The wind farm, priced at
£2.5 billion of investment, will be built on Britain’s largest area of sea bed containing an estimated 25 trillion cubic metres of gas for 50 years. This is enough to generate power for 24 million homes for a year and save customers on average about £50 per year.

What part did GreyMatters Play?

Knowing the importance and vulnerability of critical infrastructure like Dogger Bank, GreyMatters were appointed to assess the lightning risk for each main structures in accordance with BS EN 62305-2:2010-12, and provide a coherent Scheme Design for the LightningProtection System and Coordination with the HVDC Earthing Design.
Using the latest top 1% software modelling tools, GreyMatters successfully de-risked each of the HVDC connector sites ensuring a technically secure solution for the client.


  • Complex power systems – HVDC/HVAC
  • Complicated compact switchyard geometries
  • Remote and isolated structures – high risk of strike attachment and lightning current
  • International multidisciplinary interface

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