BS EN 50522:2022 Updates: Ensuring Safety and Reliability

BS EN 5022 standards | GreyMatters

Are you involved in the design, installation, or maintenance of earthing systems? Do you want to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical installations? Then this blog is for you! In this piece, we will explore the latest updates and revisions to the BS EN 50522:2022 standard. Highlighting the changes made to the standard […]

2022 Webinars – The Highlights!

2022 webinar - the highlights

Knowing in today’s world it’s all about time. We’ve summarise hours of technical content into this 20-minute bite-sized session, including the key highlights from the 2022 webinar series. If you missed it, watch the webinar replay here. In this webinar we cover:

How to Maximize the Accuracy of Your Earthing Software Results

Want to get accurate results from your earthing software? Hugh takes us on a dive into some of the common problems encountered when using earthing software of any kind, understand the problems around software selection and limitations, how built-in debugging tools can make your life easier, why the debugging tools are necessary and how to […]

Understanding the risks of EMF

Understanding the risks of EMF

Impressed voltages and interference from electromagnetic fields are increasingly becoming a hot topic for safety professionals and engineers alike. Hugh looks at understanding the risks of EMFs, when you need to do an EMF study and how XGSLab does the heavy lifting for you when doing EMF studies. Watch a replay of the webinar here. […]

Why is a hot site a problem?

Why is a hot site a problem

Hugh takes us on a deeper dive into hot sites and answers the question ‘Why is a hot site a problem?’ You can find the webinar replay here. Hugh: Hello, everyone, thanks for joining our webinar this morning. This is a continuation from our previous session where Ian introduced the concept of a hot site […]

Unlocking the Power of CDEGS: Beyond Earthing Studies

Earthingg Studies done, but what else?

We’ve written previously about why we use CDEGS HIFREQ and (X)GSA_FD for earthing studies. Also, the reasons to invest in the top 1% of tools, knowledge and consultants. But once you’ve invested in building the model to understand what earthing is required, what are the other things you can do with this model. Additionally, answer […]