Electrical Earthing Design

Services Electrical Earthing Design Services Reliable Answers for Electrical Earthing Design Greymatters Earthing Design Services, an Earthing System professionally designed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in and around the project. Hence, High Voltage Power System Electrical Earthing Design Process. Fundamentals and Design Standards considered. And ready for connection to the grid. With […]

Electrical Earthing Training

Electrical Earthing Training Elevate your skills with expert answers to all your HV and power system, design problems. GreyMatters Academy is your trusted partner for successful outcomes. Revise with confidence. Choose GreyMatters. Online Electrical Earthing Grounding Courses Being able to demonstrate your competence at safety-critical design, like Earthing is crucial. GreyMatters exists to protect “life” from […]

Earth Monitoring System – Remote Electrical Earthing Condition Monitoring

New Earth Monitoring system. Therefore, critical asset and earthing arrangements protection at your fingertips. And in real-time. The Problem with an Earth Monitoring System Knowing how your critical assets are protected is a universal challenge. Electrical Earthing Systems are an integral part of equipment protection. And safety protection, usually there are 12-60 month intervals between tests. […]

5 Avoidable Mistakes in Electrical Earthing Design

This writing is a case study about when GreyMatters was asked to analyse a Rail Track Feeder Station in Europe.  This Feeder Station had already undergone a preliminary Electrical Earthing Design Study. The principle constructor was concerned that the previous analysis had uncovered some strange numbers. These numbers, raising more questions than it had answered. […]

Electrical Earthing Design Solutions in Rock

Chem-rod Earth Electrodes

Low-Impedance Electrical Earthing Grounding solutions for problem soils including rock When facing a problem like electrical earthing in rock or design with problem geology. We have a solution that we feel will make your life easier when designing & dealing with High Voltage & Low Voltage electrical earthing system or grounding systems design compliance. The […]

Electrical Earthing & Lightning Protection For Data Centres

Electrical Earthing Protection

Electrical Earthing Protection Electrical Earthing Protection for Data centres barely existed thirty years ago. But, in the past few years, they have become essential to the functioning of virtually every large business. And professional organisation. Very little commercial or administrative activity can take place if the computers are out of action. So, every minute of […]